ISA Sprocket

Satisfying the Standard and Surpassing It is the "Sprocket" that realizes ISA's firm resolution to make the world top-class products with highly accurate machining for planning, processing, and finishing technologies. Our sprockets pass the border of the industrial products, which are the great treasures.
  Not like the other parts, sprockets requires the accurate conformity for standard in some parts, on the contrary, other parts can be planned and made freely. Thus, sprocket is the challenging part, asking for planning sense and processing technology under the certain restriction.
  This challenging part has been attracting ISA interest at most from the beginning and it was the first product ISA made. Our sprocket, cutting from extra super duralumin is now very reputableby the continuous quality improvements regarding planning and processing.
  The characteristics-its shape, color and touch- are not like any general industrial products. These are the results from which ISA filled the severe sprockets' standard, specializing for motorcycles, that are imposed by ISA itself.
  "Accuracy, Strength, Wear Resistance"- These are the three necessary performances for motorcycle sprockets that ISA considers. By applying the optimal processing technologies, materials and treatment methods for each performance, ISA keeps producing high-quality yet high performance products, which broke new ground for ordinary industrial products, sprockets.
Original Processing Pursing the Performance We use NC machines for machining, which controls the accuracy. In addition, we get rid of the errors by making processing s sequent and select extra super duralumin and 50μm -thick hard anodized aluminum, which also fill our original severe standard.
  It is for granted that the material used for sprockets is extra super duralumin, which is light, superior in strength and in shape stability against the highly accurate processing.
  However, ISA is not satisfied yet and pursuing farther. By collaborating with materials' manufacturers, we use plates with the special thickness, which is not on the usual products' lineups. This can decrease the cutting amount and the possibility of distortion.
  So we realize the high quality products with an affordable price by eliminating the waste of processing time and materials.
  It is relatively easy to heighten the accuracy of sizing and forming of the teeth parts, which contact with chains. What matters most are the locations of center and bolt holes and those sizes. No matter how precise the teeth shapes are, it is no use when the attachment parts are displaced.
  Genuine parts and aftermarket products usually do not take that into consideration. When checking the play of the chain and seeing the imbalanced elongation, the problem is often caused by the adjustment defects of the sprocket.
  To solve this problem, ISA got rid of the difference as much as possible. And it dramatically raised not only the individual accuracy of processing parts, but also the size accuracy in between by making the process subsequent.
  At the same time, we make the imbalance extremely small when fitting by making the center and bolt holes' differences as small as possible. You will see the result of such pursuit over the sticking fit of chain and sprocket.
  In the surface, we put 50μm-thick hard anodized aluminum for wear resistance and the beauty of the machine processing.
  And for the off-road motorcycles, we add vertical grooves in the bottom of its teeth, aiming for the prevention of catching and discharging extraneous materials.
  You will ensure its high quality feeling when touching after noticing the high accuracy when you adjust and the great wear resistance by the continuous use. ISA considers these elements make "High Performance" in sprocket.

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ISA Sprocket