ISA Sprocket

Forming the Particularity Manufacturing relish comes from particular planning
and processing for sprockets as well as the detailed parts, such as bolts, nuts, and washes.
BOLZEN series realizes ISA's "endless pursuit"
for particularit.
  Many of the fastening parts such as bolts and Nuts are "Industrial Standards Parts" and manufactured by each industrial standard.
  However, bolts and nuts, which are used for motorcycles are stronger than those of general machines', for household use and for constructions' and they often have special heads and flange shapes.
  Nevertheless, some users change hexagon headed bolts to hexagon sockets, others change plating bolts to stainless steel bolts bought in a hardware store, looking for better appearances, stainless, and easy-maintenance.
  We would like you to be aware of those strength and accuracy for bolts and nuts, sold in public. Most of the products do not meet the needs for motorcycles.
  Therefore, ISA developed "BOLZEN" series as fastening parts for motorcycles, with the best shape and they were processed with extreme high accuracy, both for users, who are particular about appearances and for riders who want to make their motorcycles light for competitions.
Processing the right materials with extreme high accuracy We use the most suitable materials, which have the best compatibility for each fastening parts. These bolts and nuts, set the severe differences' standard far beyond the standards for general bolts and nuts, are given extremely highly accurate machinings and surface treatments.
  No matter how beautiful the design is, or how high the accuracy for processing is, if the materials are not good enough, the performance as "Fastening Parts" is not fulfilled. So we selected all the bolts', nuts', and washers' materials for machining (cutting) very carefully. As a result, we decided to use titanium called "TI6AL4V"and aluminum called "A7055-T651".
  With these materials, we make the "difference" as small as possible in total cuttings, which can control the accurate sizing and can ensure the adjustment against the counter parts or tools for replacements. You will feel the high accuracy by screwing the bolt into the female screw by fingers smoothly, placing the wrench to the head with less looseness, and feeling how the axis power increase after adhering.
  Regarding the surface treatments, for titanium and stainless steel , which have high corrosion resistance, we let the cut skin as it is (this is the same level of general polished surface). For aluminum, we put alumite treatments for improving the corrosion resistance and hardness of the surface.
  The characteristics of ISA BOLZEN series are not just the materials and the processing accuracy. Its designs are very unique and you cannot find anywhere else. The holes and grooves are made in the heads of flange hexagon bolts and banjo bolts for wiring. We prepare large and small size flanges for titanium flange hexagon bolts. We indulge every possible precise design, considering functionality and good usability.
  We have supplied our parts to the various brands for the factory machines such as MotoGP, WSB and WMX. The many use of our products for competitive use for road race, motocross and trials comes from our reputable processing, not just from the lightness and strength.
  We would like you to choose our bolts, nuts and washers just like you choose your own motorcycles.

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ISA Sprocket